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Conditions of Participation in the 7-day long retreats with Beth Upton Anuttara
7-day retreat: 2 July -9 July 2023, Pannonhalma, Hungary

Dear Meditator Friend,

Thank you for your interest in Anuttara's retreats. Please, read this document before you pre-register and pay attention to the conditions of participation described here.

This year, so many people have pre-registered for the 30-day retreat that we are unable to open up 10-day slots. That is why we wanted to accommodate those who would like to join for a short retreat. Therefore we have organised an extra 7-day retreat.

In case it is only possible to apply during the pre-registration period by filling in the form below. It is very important for us that you go through the registration process described here and meet the requested deadlines. If you encounter any obstacles, please let us know as soon as possible.

Please contact us with any questions!
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

With Metta,
Nirmala Bihari and Viki Kocsis

Details about the retreats

Beth Upton Anuttara's retreat in 2023 will be held from July 2 - 9 for the 7-day retreat.

The venue is Szent Jakabház (St James' House) in Pannonhalma (

Arrival will be, in case based on the dates indicated, on the afternoon of the first day and departure on the morning of the last day.

As in previous years, the retreat is donation-based. To help with this, we have calculated that the minimum cost per participant per day is 15.000 HUF. The donations will be used to cover the costs of the retreat and the running of the organisation.

In addition to this, we have introduced a new system, namely that the retreat is subject to a donation deposit, for more details please read on.

Due to the huge interest already shown in previous years and this year as well, the participation in the retreat is possible under the following two-step conditions.

Step 1: Pre-registration

Please, register in the interface below.

Pre-registration period: 10 - 20 February 2023

You can submit your pre-registration after you have read it and ticked the small box at the bottom of the page to indicate that you accept the conditions of participation described here.

We can accommodate 40 people for the 7-day retreat. If more pre-registrations are received than the maximum number of places available, a draw will be held to determine who can attend the retreat.

Step 2: Payment of the donation deposit

The donation deposit has become necessary due to the huge oversubscription and last-minute cancellations. Unfortunately, it is very difficult and not always possible to find participants to fill cancelled places in the last few weeks, while there are still many pre-registrants waiting to come months before. The donation deposit thus becomes for you and for us an indicator of commitment and willingness to take responsibility.

The donation deposit is 30.000 HUF for 7 days.

Payment deadline: 25 February 2023.

Further details will be provided once we have the final list of participants, at the latest on 22 February. We will also send you the details for the payment of the donation deposit at that time.