June 2024 retreat

Dear Meditator Friend, 

You may register to Beth Upton's Anuttara June 2024 retreat here. The registration deadline is February 10th (the registration period may be extended). Selection will be based on a lottery held on February 15th. This year participants registering for longer period will get preference, with priority given to those applying for 30 days, followed by those applying for 20 days.

If you choose the 30-day option, please select all 10-day options. Opting for 20 days means selecting two consecutive 10-day periods. We can accommodate up to 48 participants simultaneously, and a waiting list will be maintained.

The schedule for the sessions is as follows:

May 31st - June 10th
June 10th - 20th
June 20th - 30th

The location will change, and this year we will retreat to the picturesque Farkaskútvölgy (Hungarian only website with nice gallery).

We anticipate participation of many international meditators, and although we welcome you, we will limit your places to allow active participation from the Hungarian sangha.

Similar to previous years, the retreat operates on a donation basis. This year, we estimate the cost per participant per day to be approximately 16,000 HUF / 42 EUR / 46 USD. Donations cover the retreat expenses and organizational overhead.

Similar to last year, participation in the retreat is subject to a registration fee. The registration fees are 40,000 HUF for 10 days, 80,000 HUF for 20 days, and 120,000 HUF for 30 days.

If you haven't joined us for a retreat before, you can read more about the silent retreat experience here.

More details will follow soon. Meantime, you can find answers to many questions in our FAQ section.