Anuttara has been teaching meditation all over the world since 2014, and the longer she does it, the more she loves it. Her teaching method is unique in that practitioners are given personalized techniques to deepen their practice. She gets to know each of her students individually and guides their practice in the direction in which their innate wisdom blossoms perfectly and is best suited to their daily lives, be they lay practitioners or  monks.

Her 10 years as a Buddhist nun have afforded her the immense privilege of practicing meditation in depth and detail. She has been able to deepen her insights through the supportive blessings of wise masters and teachers. Her first five years were spent in Myanmar (Burma) under the guidance of Pa Auk Sayadaw in the Theravada tradition. She then spent another five years in several other Buddhist schools and many months on long individual retreats in various caves and forests. As she regards this period as the greatest gift of her life, she strives with grateful devotion to provide the opportunity for others to practice. 

Anuttara decided to leave the monastic order in 2018. This has brought her the wonderful opportunity as a learning path to integrate the challenges of Western secular life into her Dharma practice. Through this process, not only has her appreciation of the Dharma deepened, but also her understanding of her disciples.

In addition to teaching meditation, she is also enthusiastic about community building and considers it a high priority. She is currently leading and building the Sanditthika Community in Almeria, in southern Spain.

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