Our community does not engage in economic or commercial activities. The retreats and the functioning of our organisation are made possible by donations coming from you, the generous donors. The nature of giving is growth. So when we donate we develop qualities of consciousness that are in line with the Teaching: generosity, renunciation, wisdom, gratitude, humility, freedom from attachment, interdependence, joy, faith.

With the donations offered for the retreats, it's not our own retreat that we support but the participants of the next retreat. That is why the impact of donating is much greater than we might think at first. A bond is created between the giver and the receiver, and even if the two never speak to each other, the bond through the teaching lasts a lifetime.

This can provide a strong footing for immersion in the Doctrine during the retreat that indicates the commitment to sincere practice.

Wire transfer:

MagNet Bank

HUF transfer within Hungary:
Beneficiary: Csend Útja Meditációs Közösség
Account: 16200010 - 10129562 - 00000000

EUR transfer worldwide
Beneficiary: Csend Útja Meditációs Közösség
IBAN: HU75 1620 0010 1012 9579 0000 0000

USD transfer worldwide
Beneficiary: Csend Útja Meditációs Közösség
IBAN: HU95 1620 0151 1857 9442 0000 0000

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MAGNET Bank Belvárosi fiók
Balassi Bálint utca 9-11.
H-1055 Hungary

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