From time to time Anuttara accepts our invitation for annual long retreats, and we are happy to do the necessary organisational work.

We particularly value and support longer retreats of 30 to 20 days, and the return of old disciples as these retreats provide an intensive help to deepen their practice.

Naturally, this means that only few applicants who sign up for 10-day retreats or who are not in an active discipleship relationship with Anuttara are able to attend. For this reason, we try to offer opportunity to attend retreats with Anuttara whenever possible.

The next retreat with Anuttara is scheduled for June 2024.

Applications are accepted with google form that is included in our newsletter (with instructions). If you have not received our newsletter then you may register via this page. Please subscribe to our newsletter here to receive the latest information.

If you have any questions, please contact us if it is not answered in this FAQ section